Tito Okyere


Coach Tito Okyere is a Ghanaian native born in Accra; West Africa. He is a family oriented man; having a wife with 2 children. If you ask Coach Tito about when he acquired his passion for soccer, he would tell you that from his mother’s womb, he was already kicking. However, it was not until his teens that he realized that, alongside having a passion for playing soccer, he also had a passion for coaching and helping bring out the best out of the younger generation.

One day, while still residing in Ghana, Coach Tito had organized a local game among the young people of the community and it just so happens to be that a famous Ghanaian coach saw his demonstration and advised him to get back to the game as a player and leave the coaching for retirement. Clinging to his advice, Coach Tito went back to his love of the game; where he acquired a lot of success. During that time, he played for the Ghanaian junior national soccer team (1994-2002), then went on to play professional soccer in Ghana; he also played in the Egyptian and Turkish professional soccer leagues which led him to his last stint in top soccer clubs in Holland and Belgium (2002-2014).

Now, Coach Tito is back to what he considers to be his first love, coaching the upcoming generation. And he does so with the fervent belief that with Prayer, Perseverance and Patience (P.P.P.), one will surely get to their destination; if only they would believe.