Herve Ngueko


Before coming to the US in 2006, I had spent some time in the Netherlands where I had the opportunity to finish my soccer apprenticeship. This apprenticeship led to a professional contract that was unfortunately short lived due to a knee injury. In 2011, after being encouraged by my loved to share my skills and knowledge of the game through coaching, I obtained my E License. Since then, I’ve been an assistant coach to Coach Abbey at Abskills solutions. This position simultaneously allows me to have one on one sessions with the goal of improving the technique and abilities of today’s youth.

My experience:

1994-best high school player in my country Cameroon
1996- U18 national team
1997-2000 vitesse Arnhem
2000-2002. TLC Tilburg
2002-2005 Fc ede wagenigen
2003-present: Coaching team opopo USA, teamopopousa.com