Ulrich Mpoko


Coach Mpoko is committed to pass on his knowledge, love and passion of the game to the rising superstars of tomorrow.

Coach Mpoko came to the United States in early 2000 from Melun France where his love and passion of the game grew after watching the Brazil National team practice in his hometown during the 1998 World Cup. Before coming to the United States, Coach Mpoko spent 2 years playing soccer in the Sport Academy of College Pierre Brossolette where he had the opportunity to meet Lilian Thuram, 1998 World Cup Champion, who came out of that same program.

“In 2008, an opportunity came my way where I was given a chance to coach at The Park School of Baltimore, where I stayed for a season. By the end of my contract, I realized that I had an in-depth passion for youth in soccer. After this opportunity, I went on to be Coach Brice’s Assistant Coach at FC Lions. After being with FC Lion’s for a period of two years, I realized that I wanted to share my love and passion for the game with more youth; ergo FootySkills.”

My Experience:

2003-2004 Sessory FC Virginia international League

2004-2005 Northern Virginia Royal USL 2

2006-2007. NY Red Bull freestyle futbol de calle.

CCBC Essex 2007-2009. (2 time state Champions, finish 8th in the country, name twice in the NJCAA Division 1 all tournament team.)


“Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the field and you really can’t tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way.” - Anonymous